Period Friendly Halloween Costumes

5 Period Hacks – Special Halloween Edition
October 31, 2018

It is that time of the year again! Pumpkins, punch bowl, drunk kids, and most importantly, dressing up! Are you like many girls out there have their period fall on this festively scary day? Well, we are here to share some of our Halloween costume ideas that are period friendly.

#1 Wear something funny, to make period on Halloween still fun. We have one great example here.











#2 Wear something that you are comfortable in, something that isn’t too short. Like this:











#3 Dark clothing as a costume is your best bet.











#4 Wear something that you could get in and out easily, you are most likely gotta need to replace your pads throughout the day (or night).











#5 Or just wear period pants instead. You know just in case.











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