5 Period Hacks – Special Halloween Edition

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September 4, 2018
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November 1, 2018

It’s Halloween time! Have you decided what to wear for the Halloween party this year? Wait, before you do that, you must check your calendar first to see if your period falls on the same day as your Halloween party.

If your period happens to be just around the corner, maybe you should put into consideration this 5-period hacks.

Period Hacks #1 – Bring A Spare Sanitary Pad, Pants And Disposable Underwear

Why you should carry this 3 things anywhere you go including to your Halloween party? To make sure you can enjoy your Halloween night without any interruptions including from the unexpected visit from Miss P.

Our suggestion is you bring more than one sanitary pad, black pants, and disposable underwear. Just in case your period came at least expected times, at least you are well prepared and no one will notice the difference.

Period Hacks #2 – Medication

Some says take medicine when you already feel the pain. Well, that theory doesn’t work if you suffer from a bad period cramps every time you had your period. Take it a day or two before Halloween night to make sure nothing can stop you from having fun. Keep in mind that only use this period hack if you have a really painful period cramp. If you have a mild and can still carry on with your everyday routine, skip this period tips.

Period Hacks #3 – Choose Costume That Is “Period Friendly”

What we meant by “Period Friendly” costume is obviously a black pant or surprised period pants. Wait, what is that? Actually, it is one of the popular costumes this year which you can either buy it from any Halloween store or you can DIY-it.

Refer to the photo and video above to know what do we mean by surprised period pants.

Period hacks #4 – Avoid Cold Drinks And Food

We understand that everyone wants to get creative with their food especially when it comes to Halloween food. However, since your period can come at any time now, it is best for you to avoid any cold drinks and food.

In other words, avoid any kind of alcohol, dairy or fried foods, foods with high salt content and processed foods. Why? It is because this type of food can lead to a bad menstrual cramp. Nothing good happens when you had your period cramps.

Period hacks #5 Wear Panty Liner

Why wearing a panty liner every day is a must? Because it can protect your underwear from getting any stain coming out from your vaginae such as spotting or discharge. Plus, this period hacks can help to minimize your vagina odor. Besides that, if you suddenly have your period during your Halloween night, at least it can buy you some time before putting on your sanitary pad or tampon.

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