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August 28, 2018
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September 4, 2018

We invited our holy trinity, internally known as the “I.C.E” (Intan, Carmen, and Emma) to share some of their first experiences when their period first came. Lights, camera, smile, ready!


How was your first experience buying sanitary product by yourself?

Carmen: (after a long considerate thought) My mom bought it for me…. Actually, my mom didn’t buy it for me she had it and I used hers.
Intan: (shamelessly) I steal from my sister (clearly she is still doing that until today). I still a bit of this one (from one of her sister) and then this one (another sister) so yeah I don’t have to pay for it.
Emma: If I didn’t bring it when I was outside, that’s the only reason for me to get it myself.


Has the experience changed you physically / emotionally?

Intan: It did. I have pimples, I have cramps…
Emma: Me too! Same as you (Intan) actually… and mood swings
Carmen: No I don’t get anything… I just get grumpy yeah.
Emma: Do you eat a lot during your period?
Carmen: Yeah! I mean… not only on my period…


What did you do, how did you react?


Carmen: I thought I peed myself, then I saw blood… I thought I was gotta die… why did I pee blood?
Emma: Mine was quite normal because my friends got period before me so it was normal. They (Emma’s friends) will teach you what to do… they will get me a (sanitary) pad… yeah.


How old were you?

Intan: Twelve! I remember! On my birthday, the exact birthday!
Carmen: Woah! Very punctual I think… (referring to Intan’s period)
Intan: It was very punctual…
Carmen: I got mine when I was around eleven or twelve
Emma: Mine also… twelve


How did you feel when it first came?

Intan: I feel wet… honestly
The girls laughed.
Emma: I feel stressed when I see the period


What advice would you give to young girls who are about to experience it?

Intan: Enjoy it!
Emma: (nodding) yeah enjoy it…
Carmen: what?
Emma: Have fun!
Intan: Good luck? All the best?
These girls are mean. 21st century mean girls.
Carmen: Is it fun bathing in… blood?
Emma: It is a once in a lifetime experience and remember the first feeling of menstruation


Was it painful when it first came?

Intan: No. It’s not. It’s not painful at all.
Emma: I forgot… I forgot the feeling. It was like 10 years ago.


How did you tell your mother/guardian/parents?

Intan: I ran to them. I was running because… I thought I was peeing so I went to the toilet. You know that there’s another hole… I don’t know, it’s not pee… it came from the other hole…
Carmen & Emma: Yeah! Yeah!
Intan: It’s not the pee hole… yeah, so that’s why I ran to my mother.


Final Thoughts

Carmen: Period is not a good thing I guess?
Emma: Its good! If you don’t get your period it means you’re pregnant. It is not good also if you don’t get your period, you will feel scared as well.
Intan: I’m really scared if it’s something like a cyst
Carmen: Especially those with boyfriend yeah. They will feel scared if their period is not on time.


What we have learned after making this video is that period isn’t something that people should be uncomfortable to talk about. Its nature, like sex and nudity it should not be censored or stigmatized or to be viewed as a taboo, nature is something that should be celebrated and embraced. As we have seen in this video, them ( the girls) sharing their first experiences of their first period actually bonded them together, no judgement, no embarrassment, just embracing their womanhood and sharing their experiences.



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