10 Tips To Handle A Woman On Period

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August 27, 2018
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Handling a woman who is on her period is not an easy task.  The truth is, even a woman itself couldn’t handle another woman who is on her period.

Does it mean we should avoid them during the time of the month? NO. Follow this tips to make your life easier!


#1 Don’t put the blame on her period

It is true the way she acts is because of her hormones during menstruation. But that is not an excuse to put the blame on her period. In fact, you should never tell her she acted this way because she was on her period. Just tell that to yourself so you will not get yourself into any trouble.


#2 Be patient

I know this can be a really challenging time for you. Sometimes, you try not to make any mistake but everything that you did was wrong. Just like what we have mentioned before, tell that to yourself and be patient with her. You know this will last for only a few days. Whatever it is, don’t walk away from her. Just let her be and be patient.


#3 Bring her favorite snacks or foods

You know what would be better? Bring her favorite dish without asking her. If you know that she loves chocolate, bring her chocolate. However, if her favorite food is not good to have during menstruation, avoid it. Choose the one that is good for her to eat at this moment.

#4 Spend time

This is the moment when she needs you the most. She will never tell you that but it is something that you must know yourself. This does not mean you should be with her all the time though. A simple call and text message is enough.


#5 Give her more love and attention

Not necessarily you should spoil her with an expensive gift and a bouquet of flower every month. Listen to what she says and just be with her. Make her feel appreciated.


#6 Avoid sensitive topic

Avoid any conversation about politics or mentioning any names that she hates. Talk about something that she likes. For example, if she likes to watch a movie, talk about the latest movies coming to the cinema.


#7 Don’t take things personally

We all know that women can be really emotional at the time of the month. Try not taking it seriously or take it to the heart. She might change her mind after her hormones are back on track.

#8 Don’t try too hard to please her

Yes, we understand that you want to be the best companion when she had her period. But don’t try too hard. Do not mention that you only do this to please her during menstruation. She might think that you only gave her attention when she had period although you don’t mean it that way. The best way is, try to be yourself but be more considerate to her. Show her the good version of you during this time of the month.


#9 Keep a hot water bottle and heat pads near you

There is no exact time when a woman will have her period cramps. It could be in the early morning or very late at night. To be safe, make sure you know where she keeps the heat pads and helps her heat it up. If she constantly has her cramps at very odd hours, keep heat pads or hot water bottle near you so she can use it anytime.

#10 Don’t tell her to do workout

This is the time when she feels like doing nothing but keeps on complaining about her body weight. For the record, a woman will feel bloated during the time of the month and it will make her feel like she’s fat although she’s not. She will constantly bug you about her weight and one thing for sure, don’t tell her to do a workout. Even though that is the correct answer but it also means that you agree she looks fat. So, the best way is to tell her that you love the way she is and try to make it sound natural.



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