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August 23, 2018
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Never crossed my mind to download a period tracker app on my phone. Trust me. NEVER. Until I decided to get married.

What getting married got to do with period tracker app? To be honest, I am not ready to have a baby soon. My husband and I have so many plans to do and having a baby are not one of them.

So, instead of depending on the birth control pill, I decided to take an extra precaution by downloading a period tracker app on my phone which is Flo app. So, I know that I am safe.

How does it work?

#1 You can track your period cycle

I always thought that I have an irregular period but since I downloaded Flo on my phone, I find that I actually have a regular period. It will calculate when is my next period date and to my surprise, it was correct. Since then, I depend a lot on this app. Plus, when I have mood swings or feel something is not right, I open this app and there is a reminder saying when is my next period. I don’t think I can live without Flo anymore.

#2 Able To Identify When Is The Right Time To Woohoo in bed

Since having a baby is not in my plan at the moment, I always check when is my next ovulation date. This is a real advantage for my situation right now.

#3 Advice from Flo

One of the best features in this app is the insight button. When you click the insight button, you will get the chance to read some useful short articles about women’s health. I think the article display is depending on your period cycle. For example, when I experienced a late period, there is a short article about a late period. I am not sure if it’s coincidence but it’s a good read actually.

#4 It has reminders!

Having an app that can remind me when to take my pills or to drink water is a keeper. Not only Flo can calculate when is my next period but it can also be my best buddy to remind you to stay healthy. This is why I choose to keep this app on my phone.

#5 Pregnancy mode

Although I have no intention to have a baby soon, that does not mean I don’t want it someday. At least, when I’m ready to have one, I know I can depend on Flo app.


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