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#1 Is PMS and Menstruation The Same Thing?

NO. PMS means Pre-Menstrual Cycle which occurs around a week before your period. This is the time when you have period cramps, mood swings, craving, bloating and other period symptoms which indicates that Miss P is just around the corner.

Wherelse, menstruation is the day when your vagina bleed. You won’t feel much pain at this point in time compared to PMS.


#2 Why It Is Called Menstruation?

I have no idea why until one day I googled why we call it the menstrual cycle. Turns out, it comes from the Latin word “menses”, which translates to month. Come to think of it, it does make sense.


#3 Is It Painful When You Bleed?

Nope. There is no pain at all. In fact, you don’t realize you are on your period until you feel something wet coming out from your vagina. If you feel pain at your vagina area during menstruation, you should go get yourself check at the clinic.


#4 How Much Do You Bleed Actually?

You will bleed between 30 and 40 ml (3-5 teaspoons) on average during menstruation. 60ml is considered a heavy flow and if you bleed more than 80 ml, you are advised to see a doctor.


#5 Do You Know When You Will Get Your Period?

Actually, you can never know when you are going to have your period. Unless you keep track of your period cycle every month. The easiest way to calculate is to download a period tracker app in your phone. My recommendation is Flo app. Why? Because not only it helps you to predict when is your next period, you can also key in your period symptoms. As time goes by, you can see the pattern and understand your period better.


#6 What’s With The Mood Swing?

Mood swing is one of the period symptoms every woman go through every month. PMS can cause wild, uncontrollable mood swings in some women, who may go from crying spells to angry outburst and anxiety attacks, then back to a stable emotional state – all in one day.

How to deal with this situation? Easy. Give her a box of chocolate!


#7 Can You Get Pregnant While On Period?

Yes, you can. If you have an irregular period. For the record, your ovary will release one mature egg once a month. Normally, the egg will be released two weeks after your period but if you have an irregular period, your egg could be released on your last day period. If you have sex during this time, you could be pregnant. In other words, if you have no plan to get pregnant at any time soon, have a protected sex. Do not assume you cannot get pregnant while on period.


#8 Can You have Your Period And Still Be Pregnant?

No, you can’t. The reason why you have your period is that your egg is not fertilized. If there is no sperm to fertilize your egg, it will attach to the uterine lining wall and then period happens. So, once you have your period, you could not be pregnant.


#9 What Is Spotting?

Spotting is any bleeding outside your menstrual period. Keep in mind that light bleeding at the beginning or end your period is not spotting. Usually, it will occur during ovulation time which is 2 weeks after menstruation. Spotting could also happen during pregnancy which is called implantation bleeding. Whatever it is, spotting is not menstruation.


#10 Can You Have Period Twice A Month?

You can if your period gap is 28 days or below and your last day period is on the 1st day of the month. Then you could have your period twice a month.


#11 Your Voice Sounds Uglier During Your Moon Time?

Researchers tested the same women’s voices at different times of the month, and participants could identify not only when the women were on their period – purely from listening to their voices but also that they sounded “less attractive” when they were.


#12 Period Makes You Stupider?

Having a period is suck but that doesn’t make you stupid. You just have a brain fog – a feeling of sluggish and forgetful. This is the common PMS symptom.


#13 Toxins From Menstruating Women Could Wither Plants and Spoil Beer, Wine, And Pickles

Much of the research in the early 1900s was colored by deeply entrenched taboos against menstruating women, some of which persist even today. Such as menstruating women excrete toxic substance from their skin that can cause flowers to wilt, stop the growth of yeast and prevent dough from rising and toxins from menstruating women could wither plants and spoil beer, wine, and pickles. In reality, most of these studies were poorly designed.


#14 How Many Periods Do Women Have Over Lifetime?

Average woman endures some 456 total periods over 38 years or roughly 2,280 days with her period – 6.25 years of her life.


#15 Is It True That All Female Species In The Animal Kingdom Menstruate?

No, it’s not. Apart from humans, most of the other menstruating animals are primates, the group that includes monkeys and apes as well as humans. Other than our close relatives, menstruation also evolved independently in two other groups, some bats, and elephant shrews.





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