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August 18, 2018
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Having a period is a hassle-free job if you know how to handle it. Do you want to know my secret? Here are 10-period hacks you can do anywhere and anytime.

1.Wear Panty Liner Everyday

Why wearing a panty liner every day is a must? Because it can protect your underwear from getting any stain coming out from your vaginae such as spotting or discharge. Plus, this period hacks can help to minimize your vagina odor. Besides that, if you suddenly have your period, at least it can buy you some time before putting on your sanitary pad or tampon.


2. Always Have A Spare Pads & Disposable Underwear

A spare pad is important because Miss P loves to make an appearance at times when we least expected. That is why you have to keep at least one spare pad inside each of your purse, office drawer, makeup bag, car dashboard and emergency kit. Not only that, you have to keep a spare of disposable underwear as well. If the one that you wear has already spoilt with blood stain, wash it immediately to make sure there will be no permanent stain and change to disposable underwear ASAP. You have to take an extra care of your feminine hygiene especially during menstruation.


3. Use Period App Tracker

If you are one of the ladies who hate period leak, then downloading a period app tracker is the best option. Our recommendation is Flo app because you can automatically log in using your Facebook account, easy to read as there is no unnecessary widget and no pop-up ads. In other words, it’s quite straightforward and easy to understand. What I like the most about this Flo app is that there will be a pop-up message saying your period is due in two days. So, you can prepare yourself by avoiding salty food and start taking ibuprofen if you want to avoid having a bad period cramps.


4. Always Bring A Handkerchief

I know that some women prefer to bring a face tissue rather than a handkerchief but in term of convenience and hygienic, a handkerchief is way much better than face tissue. It’s gentle to the skin and during menstruation, you can use it as a temporary pad if you ran out of the spare pad.

How to use it as a temporary pad? Fold it into square or until it fits your underwear then roll it with toilet tissue paper for another 3-4 layer. It cannot absorb as good as a pad but it will help you to avoid period leak before putting on the sanitary pad or tampon.

5. Take Painkiller A Day Or Two Before Period

Some says take medicine when you already feel the pain. Well, that theory doesn’t work for period cramps. Take it a day or two before your period due date to avoid major period cramps. Keep in mind that only use this period hack if you have a really painful period cramp. If you have a mild and can still carry on with your everyday routine, it is best if you use the next tips.


6. Bring Vicks/Essential Oil/ Hot oil Everywhere You Go

In some countries, Vicks are more popular than essential oil or hot oil. In this case, whatever country you lived in if it can give you heat, use it! Keep a spare of Vicks, essential oil or hot oil in your bag or office drawer because you never knew when you need it especially during menstruation. Rub it on the lower part of your belly and lower back if you have back pain. My recommendation is to rub a hot oil on your sole and put on socks. It helps to keep me warm and comfortable.


7. Avoid Cold Food/ Drinks Two Days Before Period

Cold food/drink is a big NO during menstruation because it can prolonged period cramps. Have you realized that your period is worst during winter time? The theory is that cold weather increases the thickness of the fluid within the joint, making it lose some of its lubrication properties. Keep in mind, this fluid has an egg white consistency, but egg white is less runny when it’s out of the fridge. A thicker fluid means more pressure within the joints, which means more pain.

So, how do you deal with it? Easy peasy! Avoid cold drinks/food and keep yourself warm. Choose to have hot beverages in a meantime but please avoid coffee. Why? Read the next point.


8. Say No To Soda & Coffee

Soda and caffeine are two beverages that you MUST avoid during menstruation. Drinking too much coffee during those days might lead to dehydration. This is because coffee contains caffeine which is a diuretic in nature. It does not only increase the urine production but also contributes to cramps leading to dehydration.

If you suffer from dehydration, it can trigger a headache. Moreover, coffee also wreaks havoc with the hormones. It restricts blood vessels, increases anxiety and also heightens cortisol, which worsens the menstrual symptoms.


9. Get Sexually Active

When your period is around the corner and your cramps gradually start to kick in, consider having sex. Medical professionals say that having an orgasm can actually help relieve your menstrual cramps.

The reason is when a woman climaxes, more blood rushes to the uterus, which can help with cramps. At the same time, your body releases chemicals that function as a painkiller. Keep in mind that this period hack is not compulsory. You can always stick with your trusty over-the-counter medication, hot water bottle and a box of chocolate if that’s your favorite way to unwind.

10. Chocolate

High hormone levels during the early part of the menstrual cycle cause an increase in insulin. Insulin regulates your blood glucose levels. The high level of insulin in your body then results in low blood sugar, and this is the real reason why most women crave something sweet commonly chocolate.

Other reason could be you are actually craving simple carbs, sugars, and fats when serotonin is low as these foods can elevate serotonin levels quickly. It is thought woman crave chocolate due to its ability to mimic serotonin and release endorphins, which may decrease depression and anxiety.





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