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August 16, 2018
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Being a lady, all you want is the best of everything. You work out every day because you want to have the best body in the world. You eat healthy food because you want to live the best of your life.

But, are you sure that you have the best period supplies during menstruation? Do you know what are the best period supplies in this world?


Hersday Is The Best Period Pad Because #1 It’s Affordable

Let’s do some math. A pack of 15 pieces regular sanitary pad cost you around for $6.99 and whatever period flow you have, you MUST wear at least one-night size sanitary pads which will cost you around $12.99 for a pack of 10. Total will be $19.98.

However, Hersday sanitary pads only cost you $12.99 for 25 pieces of sanitary pads which consist of 5 pieces of the liner, 10 pieces daily and another 10 piece for night size pads!

Additionally, Hersday is currently having a promotion which you can have the 25 pieces of sanitary pads for only $1.00! Yes, you heard me right.

$1.00 for 25 pieces of sanitary pads for first-time buyers. This promotion is valid until 31 August 2018!

I’m confident once you’ve tried the Hersday sanitary pads, you will never want to try any other brands ever again. Well, when that happens, just continue subscribing to Hersday. Hold on. What do I mean by subscribing? Check out next point.

Hersday Is The Best Period Pad Because #2 It’s a Subscription-Based Sanitary Box

To be honest, having subscription-based period pads sent to you monthly has its benefits. Aside from getting great pads monthly, subscribing for a monthly delivery makes everything that much easier. It’s perfect for those of you that don’t prefer going out to the drugstore just to get pads. Once your order has been placed, 25 pieces of the good quality sanitary pads get shipped right to your doorstep.

To make things better, having these subscription-based period pads act just like a period tracker too. You will know that once you’ve received your best period pad, Miss P is just around the corner.

Hersday Is The Best Period Pad Because #3 It’s Super Absorbent

Hersday have the best sanitary pads that you can get when it comes to absorbency. If you have a heavy flow period, you should consider trying this pad. There are many reviews to support this statement. Click here to read all about it!

I don’t think there are enough words to describe how amazing Hersday sanitary pad is. Watch this video if you don’t believe me.

Hersday Is The Best Period Pad Because #4 Slim Packaging

What does slim & compact packaging get to do with sanitary pads? For the record, having a slim packaging is the best because it’s easier to slip a couple extras into your purse or your bag as a spare. For other brands, you can probably fit one or maybe two pieces of pads. With Hersday’s slim packaging, you could easily fit two or more pieces.

As a plus point, you get to have the best quality spare pads and not just from some low-quality brand.

Hersday Is The Best Period Pad Because #5 Packages are Customizable

So far, we’ve mentioned how good Hersday sanitary pads are; great size, affordability, and how you can subscribe for monthly delivery. Guess what? There’s one more thing that you should know about Hersday. You can customize your period pack according to your flow.

Specially catered for different flows, if you have a light flow and rarely change your pad, or medium to regular flow, Hersday has a package just for you. You can get the details here.

That’s all I can say about Hersday. Try them out yourself and let me know when you do! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Intan is the Main Author of Hersday blog. Hersday is a company that provides a monthly subscription-based period box. What makes our product different? It dries down 9 times quicker & absorbs 3 times better. No hidden fee and 100% money back guarantee.

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