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July 24, 2018
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Having a period should never be a curse, but a blessing!  Every month, your body gives you the opportunity to grow another life inside of you. Isn’t that most amazing thing ever?

Yes, your uterus will bleed if your egg isn’t fertilized. As bad as it feels at times, you can make the experience a whole lot easier and comfortable with the right methods. How you ask? Take a look at these 3 bloody good period tips!

Period tip #1 Wear A Panty Liner Everyday  

Why should we wear it every day? Panty liners are meant to protect your underwear from getting stains that are coming out from your vaginae such as discharge or spotting.

Additionally, if your periods are irregular, wearing a panty liner every day actually make your life much easier. Why? Because when your period comes out of the blue, your underwear is safe from the blood stain, and it buys you some time before you can put on a sanitary pad or tampon.

Keep in mind that since panty liners are meant for everyday use, it cannot absorb period blood as well as regular pads. You will still need to wear a good sanitary pad during your menstruation.

Period tip #2 Always Prepare A Spare! (A Good One!)

When the time comes, we do not want to be caught off guard without a spare. It gets worse when you start to panic and can’t remember where you stored them! So where do you usually keep your spares?  I keep mine everywhere. You name a place, it’s there. I do it because I have an irregular period and I like to keep myself prepared for the rainy days.

Having tried so many brands that are out there, there is only one brand that is suitable for my abnormal period flow, which is Hersday. So, I try my best to always keep a spare of Hersday sanitary pad anywhere I could think of.

Period tip #3 Have Spare Disposable Undies!

Having spare pads are great but, you should keep spare disposable undies as well. Disposable undies are amazing because you can just toss them once you’re done with it. You should be able to get them at local drugstores at a reasonable price.

The moment there is a stain on your underwear, put on the disposable underwear to further avoid any period leak. Do you know that period leaks always start with a blood stain?

So the next time you see the stains, put on your sanitary pad and change your underwear immediately.

Do you have any other period tips to share? Leave us a comment down below.



Intan is the Main Author of Hersday blog. Hersday is a company that provides a monthly subscription-based period box. What makes our product different? It dries down 9 times quicker & absorbs 3 times better. No hidden fee and 100% money back guarantee.

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