5 Ways To Make Your Vagina Smell Better

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July 9, 2018
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July 12, 2018

Have you heard about a story of a doctor who dumped her boyfriend after he criticized her vagina did not smell right? (click here if you want to know about it).

So, if your boyfriend complains about your vagina smell, leave him ASAP! Or if you want to make your relationship works, follow these 5 simple tips on how to make your vagina smell better.

Tip #1 Wash your genital area at least twice a day

Mrs. Agatha Okafor, a medical laboratory scientist, recommended the use of water over the use of toilet paper. Why? It’s to keep yourself free from any bacterial infection or infertility. Yes, you heard me right. Improper cleaning of the anus or genital area does not only cause foul odor, it could lead to infertility too.

Tip #2 Use lukewarm water instead of soap

The skin around your vagina area is hypersensitive, so you MUST not use body soap or feminine wash around that area because it will interfere with the pH balance of your genital area.

Cleaning it with lukewarm water is enough.

Tip #3 Don’t wash the inside of the vagina (douche)

What is a douche? A douche refers to cleaning the inside your vagina to get rid of the unwanted odor, leftover blood from the previous period and prevent pregnancy after intercourse.

Many have claimed that douching makes them feel cleaner. But health practitioners, on the other hand, believe that it will make things worse as these women are exposing themselves for vaginal infections, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and pregnancy complication.

In other words, just let your vagina do their job.

Tip #4 Use panty liner or change underwear at least twice a day

I believe this is the simplest thing you can do to make sure your vagina smell better. If you have an extra budget, wear a panty liner and change it every 4-5 hours. If not, changing your underwear at least twice a day is enough.

Tip #5 Stay away from any feminine sprays

You have probably heard that your vaginal area houses a myriad of good bacteria to keep you healthy and they are always working to keep the pH in balance. Your job is to not interfere with them.

Remember, interrupting the pH balance is as deadly as disrupting the balance of your life. By avoiding everything that will have direct contact with your vagina area is enough to keep your vagina smells good.

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