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Do you know what my favorite color is? Pink! I wish I have a pink car, pink house, pink accessories, but one thing’s for sure, I do not want my period to be pink, or pinkish or anything near pink!

Why? Because other than bright cranberry red, it shows that something is not right inside my uterus or ovaries.

I know you would have probably been wondering “what about black, brown discharge or orange?” For the record, there are SEVEN different colors of menstrual blood to indicate your general health!


It means that your uterus is having a difficulty making enough red blood cell. It is also because your estrogen level is low. I know this may not seem like a big deal but when estrogen level is low, it can increase the risk of osteoporosis if you do not take early precautionary measures.

Why is this happening? Normally, it is because you are exercising too much. Yup! Mina knows very well that exercise is good for your health but if you are doing it too aggressively, it may cause your period to disappear. Do you know that it is completely normal for a female professional athlete to stop ovulating? No doubts, don’t look at Mina like that, it’s true. They are simply exercising too much.


I do not mean to scare you off but this period color indicates two things (none of them is good news. Please be prepared). Firstly, it means that you have an infection such as STI/STD. Usually, it will come in a package together with a foul smell. Secondly, miscarriage. If you notice grey chunks of clots that looks like liver, mixed with your menstrual blood, call your doctor immediately as there is a possibility that you are having a miscarriage.

3. Dark brown to black

Sometime, you may notice your period to be dark brown and there are times it becomes black. Usually, it occurs during the first one or two days of your period, right? Relax, this is completely normal because these odd colors actually come from older bits of the uterine lining and leftover blood. It may have been sitting inside your uterus for awhile and it has a lot of time to oxidize. Which is why it becomes black.

However, if you feel like it is a weird kind of black, you can always check with a doctor.

4. Rusty orange

Really, An orange colored period blood! Don’t laugh. It is not as orange as the fruit but it’s more like a rusty orange mixed in red. It’s usually because of implantation spotting. Usually, 10-14 days after conception, you may see an orange spot. Don’t panic yet, not all women experience implantation spotting, but it is a good idea to take a pregnancy test first.

Secondly, if the pregnancy test is negative, then the orange color of your monthly flow indicates a bacterial infection. Worst case scenario, this is an early symptom of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). Whatever the reason is, the best thing to do is go see your doctor.

5. Watery white

You are certain that this is not a white discharge because the consistency is different. White discharge is more sticky and greyish while period flow is watery. However, when your period is watery, whitish, diluted, and your period flow is getting lighter, – chances are, you’re anemic.

Talk to your doctor about getting tested for nutritional deficiencies anemia.

6. Thick dark red with large clots

This is not a normal period blood color. The normal period does not have large clotting. The reason why there is clotting is that your ovaries are not producing enough progesterone but instead producing a high amount of estrogen instead. Which is why, if your blood clot is getting bigger, you should seek your doctor’s advice. It indicates that you have a serious hormonal imbalance.

Nothing to worry about because you can treat it yourself by reducing consumption of dairy, soy, and sugar. If you are still unsure, talk to your doctor.

7. Bright cranberry red

Nothing to say much because this is how your period should look like. It means that you have a healthy menstrual cycle and you should maintain your current diet if you are planning to get pregnant soon.

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